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tv   KPIX 5 News at 6pm  CBS  July 7, 2014 6:00pm-7:01pm PDT

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a knife and you're ready for action. >> the problem is these fives are illegal on airplanes. tsa says they are seeing more of them. they have confiscated 528 to be exact so far this year. bay area airports are near the top. at sfo, the tsa has seized 20 so far in 2014, including 10 in just one recent one-week period. that places sfo among eighth of all airports in e nation. in oakland, the tsa has seized 19 of the knives so far this year placing it at number nine in the nation. >> that is scary. >> most passe they have never seen other heard of the credit card knife. it is just one more thing to worry about during the busy holiday travel season. >> any idea what that is? >> looks like a knife of some kind. >> what kind of knife do you think? >> i have no idea.
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>> maybe they are up to no good. maybe they are cautious. i don't know. >> should that be on a plane? >> i don't think so, no. >> reporter: in addition to sfo and oakland, the tsa confirms they have also found these credit card knives at the san jose airport and they are relatively inexspencive. you can find them on the internet. reporting live at sfo, i'm mark sayer, kpix 5. >> different kind of threat triggering. different kind of threat triggering new security at overseas airports. passengers bound for the u.s. will be asked to turn on their cell phones and other electronic devices. the worry is that terror groups will try to smuggle an explosive device that looks like a cell phone. people with devices that won't power up will have to undergo additional screening. developing news, protesters on the march. they are upset over a decision not to file charges against sonoma county deputy who shot and killed a 13-year-old bit.
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kpix 5's brian webb is live in san jose with reaction and what is next for that deputy. brian. >> the protesters left this parking lot a few minutes ago heading to the spot andy was shot and killed a few blocks away from where we are. they are upset about this report that calls andy's death a tragedy, but not a crime. >> protesters packed the area in front of the da's office demanding justice for andy lopez, including a man who said he saw the boy get killed. >> when i saw that, i said, this man killed him. this guy killed him. reaction right away to what happened. >> inside, thed speld out her findings after an extinction investigation. she says on october 22nd, andy lopez was carrying a toy gun that looked like a real ak 47. the same one you see here in this picture. but it did not have the orange tip required by law. she says deputy gelhouse feared
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for his safety. >> the last circumstance is the life for all of us. this community will be forever changed. >> the da said several people heard officers order lopez to drop the weapon but he never difficult and that officer gelhouse thought it was a man carrying the gun. that man under the out to be a 5' 2", 133-pound 13-year-old shot seven times, dying on the spot. >> he was a kid carrying a toy gun where kids play. >> ourd is literally let -- da is literally letting these cops get away with murder. >> protesters are afraid of what might come with this. >> i am scared because this is the government. i don't know their reaction from them, you know? >> reporter: so, the sheriff says deputy gelhouse is now cleared for duty. he local next decide where he will be assigned. so deputy gelhouse will be back
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on the street soon. protesters on the street torrent. we have video taken about about a half hour ago heading to that spot where andy was shot and killed. an old field in santa rosa. they are planning protests tonight, tomorrow, over the weekend, and on into the future. they they will try to get support from lawmakers and from civil rights groups. thing they can do to try to keep andy's fight alive. veronica. >> brian, thank you. another high profile case for oakland civil rights attorney john burruss. he has been hired by the la woman beat bin a police officer. it has triggered a formal investigation. burruss said the woman's rights were violated. right now the chp officer involved has been pulled off patrol. >> i want toking make sure that he has some anonymity while we conduct our investigation. he is not in the field, not
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working the road. >> according to chp, the woman in the video was barefoot and p walking into freeway traffic when the officer approached her. she is now at a hospital in a mental health hold. new twist tonight in the on going is a gofer a new lease for the oakland a's at the coliseum while city leaders in oakland p ponder their new move. other u.s. cities could be ready to jump into the game. phil matier tells us they are expressing interest and stealing away. they expected that would 457, phil? >> reporter: no -- happen, phil. >> reporter: i don't think they did until major league baseball said look, we have been know gauche nateing this over a year. if you don't approve it, oakland, oakland may go out of the a's. here is the story. >> they have some places to go. >> where? >> ontario canada and san antonio texas. >> that was oakland city
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councilman larry reed commenting on a word he received about possible moves by the oakland a's as talks over a new lease to keep the team in town come to a stand still. reed isn't the only oakland leader concerned that the a's may up and leave if a deal isn't finalized soon. >> right now there are cities lined up ready to take the a's from oakland. >> leaders feel if the new lease is worked out, it will be less money for the city at a time where oakland is still paying off the last renovation to the tune of $10 million a year. >> i think the concerns are the long-term stay of that commitment by the a's. and are we at the same time being fair to the tax payers. >> indeed, the public appears to be split as well about how much the city should bid to keep the team. >> it is so critically important. that's part of our price as a city. i think that they are giving
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too much ray way. >> meanwhile, the a's owners have made it clear that they are not interested in reopening the talks on a deal they have already worked with the sol seem authority. >> they are not going to renegotiate on a lease agreement to change the economics of this team. >> are you worried about the idea of the a's leaving. >> we have been working really hard to keep it. this is a great baseball town. the a's have allonge history. they contributed a lot to baseball. sew, we're working hard to keep them here. >> reporter: let's not forget that san jose may also be in the mix as well. where it goes from here is probably another closed door meeting where they decide if they are going to push demands, get more information or try to save face and tinker. by the way, councilman reed called us to say hey, a note on geography, ontario canada is actually a province. he actually meant the team
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could go to montreal. ken. >> hottest team in baseball right now. they have got to be some takers out there. >> reporter: and probably at a good price. >> thanks, phil. team still has about 18 months remaining on its current lastages a building win in the effort to redevelop treasure island. a citizens group and a former supervisor sued over how the report was done. other bay area headlines. police have arrested an oakland man in connection with shooting at a san francisco department store. 29-year-old henri smith faces a list of charges. the shooting happened last month outside a tj maxx. according to police, smith shot a man after stealing his iphone. marin county traffic gridlocked on highway 101 after a big rig hauling crushed cars overturned. check this out.
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it happened in the southbound lanes in san rafael. witnesses say the trailer was swerving from side to side just before the accident. the truck driver suffered minor injuries. a restaurant is closed tonight after a fire gutted the building. kpix 5's mark kelly takes a look at what's left. >> the restaurant renowned for its european and california cooking charred to the bone. not a soul in sight at the time of the fire. >> the owner was out of town. there was nobody here at the time. >> the county and chief says shortly before 4:00 this morning a person passing by saw the blaze and called it in. fortunately, one fire house was just around the corner. the flames were concentrated mainly in the attic, sparing heavy damage to the dining area foodies are so familiar with. >> the equipment seems to be fairly exact. just some of the structure like the roof rafters and the
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ceiling joints that were damaged in the fire. >> crews knocked a hole in the roof unleashing smoke and gases and allowing firefighters to seed in. still no idea what exactly sparked the fire. only that it start 0 outside the restaurant. officials are leaving several possibilities on the table. >> someone may have threw a cigarette, minor gas leak. we just don't know. that is part of the investigation that will occur. >> 53 firefighters worked the fire. at one point a gas line raised a red flag with crews. >> gas meeters are meant to protect us from overpressure issues. if fine metals are exposed to heat, they will have free- flowing gas. if there is an ignition source, it will ignite. >> the plan was to reopen the restaurant on the ninth.
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but now it is burnt to a crisp. >> ones firefighter is in the hospital with minor injuries. but he is expected to be okay. mark kelly, kpix 5. water leaking for years. >> we taked to some frustrated neighbors in the east bay and the city about why it has lasted so long. cal tran firefighters stretched they haven't how they are handling hundreds of fires around the state and gearing up for more. good evening. i'm roberta gonzalez in the kpix weather center. we have had muggy conditions. now the effect august will have on your tuesday as the news continues right here on kpix 5. heat shields are compromised. we have multiple failures. what's that alarm? fuel cell two is down. i'm going to have to guide her in manually.
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a highway and vineyard are also also flooded. irrigation crews shut off the water main. it would have been a lot worse if delay hadn't. the california draught has sparked. we are not talking about oil. kpix 5's mark sayer reports that well diggers are digging more a more precious commodity. >> steve drills wells. >> i started in 1974. >> water wells with. and in california's worse draught it is an understatement to say steve's business is good. >> we're booked up all summer, all winter. looks like we're going to be into around march right now for new wells. >> actually, the welledly drilling business started boom last year when it was evident that farmers were going to need more water than what the state and the feds could ply. in a good year where rain and snow pack are normal, groundwater supply is about 40% of the state's water.
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according to a recent report, this year, it is anticipated groundwater use will jump to 65%. steve. >> if he is not able to drill a well and keep his crop growing, farmers are going to have to quit. it will be devastating to the people when eventually they will go into the market to get a gallon of milk for $10. >> so they drill deeper endearment this well is going down about 600 feet and will cost the farmer about $100,000. that's before he buys the pump and gets electricity. and this is just one well. they drill almost a well a day. >> this rig does about three wells a week. they average between five and 600 feet. >> one of the three districts. >> the increase in drilling has water officials very concerned
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about the additional pressure being put on the underground supply. they say that is not all. >> there also is a neighbor versus neighbor impact where they have the deep test well and the biggest pump wins. it's not fair to people. >> as for steve arthur, he thinks money that the state might spend on a high speed bullet train should go towards water management. >> some farmers say it would violate their property rights to be restricted. crews are trying to get the upper hand on a wildfire burning since the 4th of july. the fire has scorch more than 6400-acrings. crystal fire says containment is now up to 35%.
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all evacuation orders have now been lifted. another fire we're watching on the lake is about 90% contained tonight. since the fire started last tuesday, it has burned 4,300- acres and destroyed two homes and several outbuildings. firefighters across the state are working under extreme conditions as new wildfires pop up seemingly everyday. in the past week, crystal fire has respond to 275 wildfires n. addition to 5,000 regular crystal fire fires, they have 2700 seasonal hires on hand. that's 300 more than the same time last year. but the same cannot be said for local fire districts like the one in contra costumes -- costa county. >> instead of three to five fires a week, often they answer that many calls in a single day. with fire station cuts, there
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are times when nearly all firefighters are tied up and unable to answer other emergency calls. there just hasn't been an end to the fire season. >> reporter: it kind of cooled off. i saw rain actually. >> that rain was just tropical moisture therefore you can have the possibility of lightning strikes. >> reporter: we did have some around the greater tahoe area p. crazy wacky weather we had today. good evening everyone. take a look at high def doppler radar. when you see green, that is precipitation that moved through the b. light sprinkles today. majority of this was really a big bust. it was rain that left the clouds but then evaporated before it hit the land mass because of very warm conditions. downtown san jose, mostly cloudy skies. relative humid up to 51%. the winds are now out of the west at 10 miles per hour.
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temperatures inside san jose, in the low 70s. we do have 60s in oakland back to berkeley. today's highs. we had 60s, 70s, 80s. a few 90s away from the bay area, inland. 30degrees from pacifica all the way to fairfield. winds were generally light. picking up near sfo. look at that there. there is tropical moisture that lifted in from the desert southwest. a few scattered showers around modesto earlier today. a few scattered lightning bolts. here is what is next. all of this is beginning to head due north. as it does, we will continue to see the warmer temperatures inland. the on shore flow will prevail. we'll have clouds stacking up at the beaches with gradual afternoon clearance. we will keep the numbers in the
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60s. san francisco with the clearing. 70s around the peninsula. 70s into the 80s and a few low 90s well inland. southwest winds 5 to 10. pretty similar conditions again on your wednesday and thursday. we' bring the numbers gradually down before we bump them back up again for monday. >> you know how i celebrate that day. >> storm the bastille. >> there you go. >> thank you roberta. hundreds of fossils millions of years old were just uncovered at a construction site in fremont. this is a shark tooth from an extinct shark. they are estimated to be about 40 feet long. the fossils are found at the calavera project. they are estimated to be 20 million years old, ken. still ahead, a water leak that has lasted, believe it no
6:21 pm
not, three years. plus, interest to take other a san francisco building forcing other businesses out. what tech companies are doing to try to ease the blow. is raising money to help train dogs like suzie to engage students in schools and special education classes. while ginger visits folks in the hospital offering quiet comfort. with your help, we can do even more! make a donation at or any mattress discounters. mattress discounters good deed dogs helping dogs help people.
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changed the definition of marriage. the new law replaces the s "husband" and "w governor brown signed some legislation today that officially changed the state definition of marriage. the new law replaces the words husband and wife with the neutral term spouse. that will appear in all state documents from now on. it also removes limits on recognizing same sex marriages performed in other states. bay area students and staff had some career training are getting bad news co rinthian will close some of their campuses. fremont's bio tech is also on the market. they have colleges in hayward, san jose, and san francisco. helping pay the rent for businesses currently in the san francisco design center if they
6:24 pm
move out. they want to take over the whole building but says they want to help the other design. new at 6:00. sounds crazy during a draught, but some east bay neighbors say they have been complaining about water leak for two years now. we sent kpix 5's don ford out to investigate. >> water is bubbling up, oozing up from the street. the wet spot keeps getting bigger and big. >> we got water pouring the estimate pad four to 10 gallons per minute out of the road since 2012. >> water leaking for more than two years. so long that it's developed its own ecosystem of algae. east bay mud says this time it may or may not be the water, but they know the spot. >> there have been problems in the past. there was a main break a few months ago which was fixed right away. >> but the water is still coming up. neighbors say it is not randy
6:25 pm
page spring. >> you tested it and it -- not a spring. >> you tested it. it showed what? >> fluoride, chlorine. got all the stuff east bay puts in their water. >> drinking water. and know after more than two years they believe it's causing damage to their house. george rose says the hollow sound indicates a sinning hole may be developling under his sidewalk. he says the ground under his house is sinking also. and, he's not the only worried neighbor. >> they need to figure out out. i'm tide of driving around this sink hole because live up here. >> it hasn't collapsed yet. but folks aren't taking any chances. no one knows what is under the asphalt. east bay mud is monitoring the pipes, but. >> they had it put in before world war ii. >> east bay mud says every drop counts, especially during the
6:26 pm
the draught. so they are sending a third team out to investigate and get to the bottom of where that water is coming from. in oakland, don ford kpix 5. >> in the meantime, neighbors say that that water has been around for so long that wild life actually comes down to drink from it like a natural little spring. >> hmm. coming up, the family of a man electro cuted in a bizarre 4th of july accident. >> to see my grand kids, get up there to find out one is gone. i just lost it. >> what the man's brother did to try steve him. more undocumented immigrants being brought in. what the president now wants congress to do to help tackle the surge of people. attacked by a shark? why this guy says a fisherman's mistake could have cost him his life. ,,,,,,
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strange 4th of july acciden know at 6:30, a bay area family grieves for a man electrocuted in a strange 4th of jill accident. welcome back. i'm ken bastida. >> i'm veronica de la cruz. only on 5:00, kpix 5's juliette
6:30 pm
goodrich has more about gunfire starts an electrocution. >> reporter: the family is greaving on a night that is supposed to be filled with celebrations. it turned deadly when a 19-year- old was electrocuted and his brother was critically injured. >> ms. clark's 19-year-old son jermaine electrocuted july 4th after builts, not fireworks went flying in this power line. the high voltage wire fell on top of him. >> it was very devastating. >> jermaine's older brothertried to save him but when he touched his brother's body he was still conducting electricity and he was knocked unconscious. >> it was wrapped around his body. it was evident because he had skip burns off his back. he had scars and scrapings on his face. they said it's amazing and he is blessed to be alive.
6:31 pm
>> trez is now in serious but stable condition at highland hospital. this photo takenned to. >> his heart is still being monitored. he's having some problems with vomiting up blood, but he did walk. >> the family tells me the brothers were inseparable, best friends. and, more importantly, good kids. jermaine had big dreams. >> wanted to be an engineer h. -- he was going to be a professional gopher. >> go to see my grand kids. then get up there find out one is gone. i just lost it. >> on top of dealing with the tragic loss of one sign, venus had to deliver the worst news of all to her other son in the hospital when he wanted to know how his little brother was. >> that was the first thing he asked when he came to. where was his brother. >> how did he react to that?
6:32 pm
>> he cried like a baby. he yelled out to him that he was sorry. >> reporter: pge says it is still trying to determine what happened and they also say if you see a downed power line, don't touch it. treat it as if it is live wire. but in jermaine's case, there was nothing he could have done. it fell on top of him. the family hoping at some point delay will get some sort of explanation from pge, veronica. >> so sad. juliette, we appreciate it. police still don't know who was firing the gunshots, but they are looking for leads. a jury trying to decide who is financially responsible for the brian stow beating is still out. stow's family is suing the la dodgers and the owner for negligence and lack of security. the team says the men who attacked stow in 2011 are
6:33 pm
responsible. last week, the la jurors told the judge they were deadlocked. he ordered them to keep on trying. back from the holiday, congress is tackling the growing u.s. immigration crisis. the people being bussed in face an uncertain future as the white house works on a solution. craig boss sell -- boswell reports from washington. >> up documented immigrants along with some unaccompanied children arrived in san diego today and i boarded buses to border patrol detention centers. while in washington, immigrant advocates marched toward the white house in support of the unaccompanied minors. some of them crossed the board as children themselves and lad a message for the president. >> have some consideration for the kids. let these kids stay here because it is not their fault. >> the obama administration is scrambling for a solution to the problem. >> our board services not open to illegal migration and we are taking a number of steps to address it, including turning people around faster. >> lawmakers returning their holiday recess will consider an emergency request from
6:34 pm
president obama for about $2 billion to talk it will immigration surge. >> but some republicans say the u.s. must have a clear policy. >> we have to send them back because if you don't, you're going to get people throughout that part of the world will keep sending their children here. >> the obama administration wants to speed up the screening for unaccompanied undocumented children. the president also wants more flexibility under current law that prevents the u.s. from denying central american children entry into the u.s. craig boswell, cbs news washington. >> some children are expected to be transported to a detention facility where buses were turned back last week. a 6.9 magnitude quake hit near the guatemala border about one mile from mexico. windows were shattered. part of an airport and a city was damaged.
6:35 pm
a tv news can correspondent team was shaken live on air when that quake hit. hundreds of millions of dollars could soon be coming to former nfl players suffering from brain injuries. today, a federal judge gave preliminary approval to a settlement in concussion lawsuits. that settlement had been revised just last month to remove the limit on the amount of money the players can receive. the judge still needs to give final approval. all nfl football players retired as of today will be eligible. the court fight between la clippers owner sterling and his estranged wife got started late this afternoon. the first day was delayed because sterling's lawyers tried to move the case to federal court. a judge rejected that move. at issue is whether shelley sterling has the authority to sell the team to former microsoft ceo. sale price right now $2 billion. still ahead, a big win for small businesses in california.
6:36 pm
coming up in tonight's consume -- consumer watch, why they now have more origins. your smart pope right on your wrist. sounds-- phone right on your wrist. sounds convenient, right? well, we'll look at the drawback of these new smart
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watches. small businesses in california got a big break today on the consumer watch, julie watts on the story that allows people to keep their old health plan even that i know don't comply with the obama regulations. >> remember last year, you may remember this, when the president asked covered california to temporarily allow people to keep their old plans per his promise. well, cover california chose to allow inchoners to cancel individual plans stating it would cause too much confusion. today, the governor signed a bill that gives small businesses an option to renew their existing coverage for one
6:39 pm
year even if it doesn't meet the new minimum standards. the bill was authored by a state senator and commissioner dave jones who was very critical of covered california's decision to allow inchoners to cancel those individual policies. if your 4th of july included corn, you probably got a nice surprise at the grocery store. the prices are rock bottom. and they aren't just for the holidays. we play be in the middle of a draught here. boutons out weather conditions are ideal for corn grows in the midwest. and that is where california gets their corn. bad news for the market but great news for consumers. and you we eve heard of all you can eat buffets in salad bars. now tgi friday's is offering endless appetizers.
6:40 pm
all you can eat 57tizeers for $10 per person. that means unlimited servings of potato skins, boneless buffalo wings and mozzarella sticks. while the promotion play be a great deal and bring in business temporarily; some restaurant analyst warn it could backfire because when diners get used to these types of bargains, they expect them and won't stay loyal after they are gone. give us a call or head to watch if you have any ideas. >> thanks, julie. if you're always pulling out your smart phone to check messages, maybe a smart watch is for you. cbs reporter wendy joy shows us a new model that keeps the information right on your wrist. >> two new smart watches are hitting the market. $229 lgg watch. but what is their true iq? >> what can these do?
6:41 pm
>> they do is they connect to your phone. they provide another screen for you to get information. all of your notifications. >> the mitch anticipated devices use -- mitch anticipated devices use ghoul's an droid software. both respond to voice command processing the information within a few seconds and are similar in design. the gear alive also has a heart rate monitor. editor scott stein says it will allow you to track fitness or monitor your we home, but right now it is in the early stages. >> this is big even on my wrist. it is more than a little geeky looking. >> one of the major drawbacks is their battery life. both only last about a day. these google-powered watches are just the beginning. more are expected later this year, including devices from
6:42 pm
apple, microsoft and motorola. >> stein says keep watching. wendy gilette, cbs news new york. why some are placing blame not on the shark for an attack but on a fisherman who was nearby. crazy weather humidity that just sored in the bay area. also, a few rain drops the. how all this will effect your tuesday is still straight ahead. >> roberta, you we ear not throwing out the first pitch? i'm dennis o'donnell. coming up next, the a's get a new pitcher in a block buster deal. two new starting pitchers. we will talk to them up next.
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for over 60,000 california foster children, having necessary school supplies can mean the difference between success and failure. the day i start, i'm already behind. i never know what i'm gonna need. new school, new classes, new kids. it's hard starting over.
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to help, sleep train is collecting school supplies for local foster children. bring your gift to any sleep train, and help a foster child start the school year right. not everyone can be a foster parent, but anyone can help a foster child.
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break news this eavening. elizabeth cook is in the newsroom with the latest. >> reporter: hi, ken. let's take you to southern california. this is six flags magic mountain just north of los angeles. people are stuck on the ninja
6:46 pm
roller coaster. from what we're hearing, and from what it looks like from this helicopter shot, one of the cars derailed. the anyone crabtree is a suspended coaster so riders are in car there is a hang from an overhead rail. again, this is from six flags at southern california. it appears that this ninja roller coaster has gone off the rails. we will have more much later on thiefening. again, this is in six flags magic mountain in southern california where the ninja roller coaster appears to have gone off the rails. ken. >> uppingly. yeah. scary. >> at least they are right side up, though. >> looks like they are. also this coming out of santa rosa right now. this is a live look at the andy lopez memorial where protests are going on after the district attorney announced a decision not to file criminal charges against the deputy who shot and killed the teen. again, people lining the
6:47 pm
streets. you see randy page lot of people carrying rights furring signs -- see a lot of people carrying signs. we will bring you updates. surfers are blame fishing for triggering last week's shark attack off southern california beach. >> new details on a new action aimed at preventing anymore attacks. >> vargas earn surfers near this pier are glad this city band fishing through the pier through tomorrow. today, the pier was hacked with people but nobody challenge the estimate surfers are even happier to hear this. a city leader told us manhattan peach is in the process of extending that fishing ban for two more months. that will buy time for the city council to continue the ban or lift it. this is the city's response to this. a great p white shark attack. take a close look. you'll see randy page shark come up out of the water. >> look.
6:48 pm
right in front. oh. look. >> and, once again, the shark jumps up out of the water. >> unfortunately, this is hue plan provoked by the fisherman. >> that, vargas says, is prevailing among surfers regarding the shark attack. many claim the fisherman used raw meat and blood to entice sharks. this happened saturday. >> sitting here watching it happen, i looked up. i could see there was randy page big fish on that line. >> 2 fisherman in question told us he used sardines to hook that 7-foot fish. the victim is recovering his puncture wounds. the surfing community is rejoicing over the city's decision. those who enjoy fishing here are out of luck for the time being. greg mills, kpix 5. >> only so mitch beach, you know? you have to share it. a dangerous situation. >> i was just there a couple
6:49 pm
weeks ago. fishermen just throw the line out. >> people swimming. we did have a little bit of monsoonal moisture. good evening everybody. let's take a look at downtown san jose. we still have the realtive humidity still up there at 51%. livermore still in the 80s. 70s ray cross the south bay 6789 also to north in santa rosa. into the 60s in oakland where the a's are playing host to the san francisco giants. this is a scene at the coast. patchy fog. a few sprinkles tonight. the sprinkles actually evaporate before they hit the ground. this was happening all day long. similar temperatures tomorrow.
6:50 pm
this is an area of low pressure to the south. tropical moisture associated with it is lifting to the back door. 107 tomorrow in fresno and modesto. mid and high 90s from sacramento to stockton. triple digits and red difficult a string of 60s around the immediate -- digits. a few low 90s for the warmest locations east of the bay. 76degrees to north in mill valley. low 80s in santa rosa. upstream, low 90s. roanoke park will top off at 78 degrees. we are talking about just a couple degrees cooler by your wednesday. by the time the weekend rolls back around, never too early to start talking about the
6:51 pm
weekend. we will have temperatures going back up. speaking of going up, up, and awake dennis o'donnell is out of here. we will hear from him, coming up next. ,,,,,,,,,, ,,,,,,
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dennis o'donnell, big battle of the bay. they don't call it that anymore, but these two teams, you know, they keep going. we could see them square off at the end of the year. never know. >> absolutely. i think, ken, that's why it has a little bit of a play involve field. exclusive with ricky henderson. anyway, the a's made a block buster deal over the weekend. p first, ken, you mentioned, it is a big deal. it is sold out. stomper is here and derek north is excited. >> such a big dynamic here in the series. there is a lot of adrenaline. there is a lot of passion. there are a lot of guys pretty afternooned up. should be interesting.
6:55 pm
-- amped up. >> hamel will make his debut wednesday when the series shifts to at&t. >> alongside is jason hamel. you guys could have the basketball version of a baseball team. >> yeah. but you would rather have my baseball than basketball. >> what sports did you want to do. >> i tried basketball, but they just wanted me to rebound. >> your deal with chicago was a few months ago. how shocked were you when you heard about this? >> obviously, i new there was randy page possibility of me being traded. it wasn't a surprise. the surprise was going with jeff. obviously, a package deal. different teams wanted me. the fact we ended up here together just makes it sweeter.
6:56 pm
>> i want to work my way into the city isolate. it is part of the business of baseball. something i can't control because i don't have a trade clause. >> not yet. i was mentioning the family thing because you have another baby due in september. two september babies. >> yeah. >> was that by design? >> honestly, no. i think we get so excited to get home that things happen. last year we were home early. obviously, excited to be home. sometimes you can't control those things. we were looking for number two, but we didn't expect it to
6:57 pm
happen that fast. >> something tells me you won't be done early this year. >> not the plan. >> thank you so much. >> he is expecting to play in october. also tonight, sandoval has an elbow injury. apparently, a fan filed a defamation lawsuit because they made fun of him. look at these fans. it is is civil war. they are not friends tonight, ken. >> they're having a good time, dennis. that's all that counts. >> have a good night. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,, ,,
6:58 pm
6:59 pm
7:00 pm
announcer: it's time to play "family feud"! give it up for steve harvey! steve: how you folks doing? welcome to the show. come on, townsends, win some money. thank you very much. thank you, folks. thank you very much. hey, welcome to "family feud," everybody. i'm your man steve harvey and you know what? we got another good one for you today. returning for their second day from boston, mass., it's the townsend family. [cheering and applause] and from alexandria, virginia, it's the gowland family. [cheering and applause] did i say it right? i said it right? >> yeah. steve: got it. everybody's here trying to win theirself a lot of cash and a chance at driving out of here in that stylish, new ford fusion. yeah. [cheering and applause] let's play "feud"! give me nano! give me kisha! let's go.


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